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Zulee's Debut

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Kay Amen from Kay's Toy Poodles snuck some pictures while Mom was outside doing her business. Aren't they adorable? I will get to pick which one I want! Yea! Oh, this waiting stuff is going to be so hard.

I have to tell you though. I couldn't do what (responsible) breeders do to make sure Momma and babies are safe and healthy.


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They're adorable. This will be a long wait for you. Are they close enough that you can visit them a few times before they're ready to leave mom?
The breeder is about 3 hours away. I'll (try) to wait until they are old enough to see some personality coming through. Then I will go and identify which one is Zulee. :love:

I don't want to go too soon...it will just make the waiting worse.

She's going to send me pictures weekly, so I can see how they have grown. :D
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