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Zoey & Tynk pictures

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I just got done bathing the girls, they look clean right now, but lol, give it a couple days and they will not be anymore lol! Zoey is clearing quite nicely :fingers-crossed: , I am very happy with it. The pics do not do it justice though, and Tynk I got her and she was an apricot and now lol, she is more cream, I know it is just a variation of the same color, but I never thought she would get this light...I like her color either way. I used snowy coat shampoo on her just to get her nice and bright. Needless to say she was not happy after the blow dry lol, but she is over it now. Zoey is doing really well since her surgery and is using her leg alot more, she holds it up still but the vet said it would take about a month but she is totally running EVERYWHERE! Right now she has the sun bleached highlights lol, she looks kinda orange at the tips lol, but that will be scissored off soon I am going to put some ice on ice on her so that it will slow the sun fade but I know it will not prevent it completely.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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