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You know what I love the best about Ruby?

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Well I can't pic just one thing, it's impossible so here is my list.

1) I LOVE the way she snuggles close to me at night, she shares my pillow and she is not even a pillow hog lol.

2) The other day I was watching her play with my shoe and low and behold she shoved her entire head into the toe of the runners LOL. I love how she makes me laugh

3) I love how she anticipates my next command before I say it...

4) I love how she needs to walk with me and my daughter in front of her, kinda liek she is hearding us in teh corral.

5) I love how sweet and loving she is

6) I love how you can pick her up and move her when she is sleeping and she doesn't even wake up. or how you can paint her nails, brush her etc etc while she is asleep and she doesn't flinch

7) I love how she walks with her head held high and her nose in the air, she truly is a prissy dog lol.

8) I love how she looks and feels after a bath and blowdry, I swear if I could bathe her daily just to keep the fluffiness and glossiness I would.

9) I love how she has turned my 5 year old lazy dog, into a puppy again, he is finally playing again

10) What I DON'T love is the dog bed that is ripping to shreds though, gotta go.
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Are there pics of Ruby on the forum? I would love to see her. She sounds like the perfect companion. Poodles are the best!!
yeah quite a few, I don't post anywhere but this part of teh forum though so you might have to look for them. She is perfect, If I didn't have another dog I would surely be looking for another lol.
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