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You know, it's kind of hard to be scary with a poodle

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But we had a happy halloween anyway!!!

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OMG, I had that scary Chihuahua!

Yep, you needed a Chihuahua, now that's scary!
ROFL, you're funny! Evil Chihuahua LoL.
Here's the chichi you needed for that outfit :p
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This was my very first dog/first pet. He was a gift for my third bithday... maybe it was my fourth bday? Who cares, the more important question would be WHY did you get a chihuahua for such a young kid. Oh well, now we know why I became a dog trainer, my reflexes for avoiding dog bites are lighting thanx to Pixie there lol. Five year old me, learned all about dog body lingo with my chichi anda box of milkbones:) (btw he wasn't really that bad, he liked me once I got older. I taught him to do that snarly thing on command when I was 9 or 10, had a hand sig. for it and everything, Hahaha I was so proud)

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Aaahh!! AAAHHH!! OMG! Gotta run it's a scary clow-.. oh, a poodle! <3!!
LOL! That's pretty much what everyone's reaction was!!

I'd walk up, "Trick or treat." and the people would hand me candy with a stunned look on their faces. Then I turn around to leave and belle was always right behind me so she'd move aside and then they'd say, "Oh my gosh what an adorable dog!!"

"Thank you."

"Oh she's with you?!" :rolffleyes:
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