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Yes it's another insurance post! Is PetPlan still a great choice?

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We have an 11 week standard poodle puppy!! Yay!! Love her to death! After losing a dog to a rare disease, we will definitely get insurance for this pup. I did search the forum and have been reading over posts and reviews for the last week. I was initially going with Healthy Paws, but decided to go with a company that covers exam fees. So it is down to PetPlan and Pets Best. Many great things about PetPlan on this forum. However, reading reviews on other sites it seems PetPlan is having issues. Has anyone filed claims recently and can confirm that? I also read that they have significant yearly increases. I also looked at Trupanion but the premium is more than double the other companies.

I appreciate any input!
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Thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, Bivvy is not available in my state.
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