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We can begin therapy visits again! Whooo. Going to visit veterans on Memorial Day. John is going to stay home with Nicholas since he 1) doesn't really want to go this year and 2) thinks Nicholas will get sick around all the elderly people for some reason. Silly daddy.

Now the only hitch in the plan is I manic paniced Jazz pink and purple two weeks ago so bummer not giong to get to put her in her red, white and blue "clothes". Oh well, they won't care I'm sure. What matters is that she gets to go. To bad Wonder is in heat I would take her as well. Wow, Memorial day last year was our last Therapy visit... I had to have gotten knocked up right about that time or shortly after. So weird to think about... LoL.

Anyway I'm sure it will be fun and of course will post photos as usual. I have this weird fascination every time we go to see who is still there... is that wrong of me? :rolffleyes:
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