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so as u know or may not know, i was trying to adopt another poodle, pierre. well i filled out the adoption application, told her everything about my family and she denied my application. my groomer called me and told me that she had called her asking questions about how my dogs are, and if i actually get them groomed every 6 weeks. sheryl (my groomer) told her everything she wanted to know, and how i go an over an hour out of my way to pick up my friends poodle so he can be groomed every 6 weeks. i assume she called my vet as well. i have nothing to hide, and if i did i would have never given her the names and numbers of my groomer and vet.

so, i am very upset about this and decided to call her, to see what the reason was. before i called her i pulled up the application to ask her questions in reference to it. she told me that my application was good and that it had nothing to do with it. well, what it is then?

so, as im rereading the application, i came across the part about my family. i wrote about my handicapped sister and how all our our dogs are raised around her and how she keeps them busy all day. how she plays with them, puts them outside to go potty, gives them treats when they come in, hand feeds them, and how they all take their naps with her. i told her that when she has seizures, they stay by her to make sure she is fine, and when its over they wont leave her side for hours. i also said that it makes her feel good, and she thinks of it as a job, since she can't go out in the real word and get a job.

well, i didn't want to take it there but she had to reason for not letting me adopt pierre, so i asked her if it was because of my sister being handicapped. complete silence. i asked her again and she started stuttering, sounded sooo nervous, and defensive. all she could say is were very picky about who we let adopt our dogs and if we feel that its not right, then we wont let them adopt. then she also said that she doesn't even have to give me a reason about why i didn't get the dog. i replied back with, wow so i take it that is the reason why, and she hung up on me.

i called back, but of corse no answer, so i sent her an angry email. it just makes me mad that people can be so harsh, unfair, and judge someone because of their disabilities. my sister did not choose to be born that way, and i hope that in the future she will change her ways. my family was very hurt by this and wanted me to write a bad review about her. i wont only because of all the animals she does help and to be honest i would never try and hurt someone in that way. ill just let karma handle it, and i hope pierre finds a good home.
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