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Awww, I'm so sorry. That is really heartbreaking I'm sure :( ((hugs)) to you.
I sincerely hope she had a vaild reason for denying your application and didn't do such a thing based on unanswered questions she may have had but was to afraid to ask about your family.
Did she refused to allow you to adopt any dog at all or just THIS dog? How long have you had your other poo's ? Maybe I am thinking of somebody else but I thought at least one of yours was a puppy?? Maybe that was the reason?? Either way, I know I would be devestated were I in your position. I know how I felt when we adopted Jazz and I was finialy soooo close to having a poodle (yay, just what I always wanted), only to have it taken away and I thought I wouldn't ever have see her again or ever get to have a poodle. It was awful. I had to call in sick at work (for like the first time EVER) and spent the next two days crying.

Anyway I hope this little guy find his forever home and if you are still looking for a new addition I hope you find another dog that needs you. Maybe that's just it, maybe another dog is comming that is supposed to be yours??
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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