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Wow. Just found out Bibelot still exists!

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I know most or at least many of you are saying "No duh!" , but like I said before, I'm brand new to the post-Lydia Hopkins (modern) fancy. Her book is full of Joan Crawford-esque ladies (in an assortment of ages ranging from ingenues to harridans straight out of "Baby Jane") handling some of the most glamorous poodles ever to grace the ring! The copy I had as a child was printed on this creamy paper that smelled faintly of rosewater. The Bibelot website has a shot of Bibelot's Tall Dark and Handsome, CDX being named England's Dog of the Year in 1965 that I remember from that book. The only thing I DON'T remember is the exact title of Ms. Hopkins breed classic...

Anyway, I'm just glad Bibelot still exists. I don't even care that they've switched to the Continental Cut ! OK that's a lie but I swore I'd give my ES-issue a rest.... Does anyone know which of today's lines contain the modern descendants of the Blakeen or Piperscroft dogs (my question mark
key still doesn't work!) I'm going to be looking for a show quality Standard Poodle next summer-ish, so in the meantime I'm trying to learn all I can about which breeders are today's best. It should go without saying that I'm looking for a loving friend first and foremost, but I also want a dog I can

By the way, I live in San Francisco if anyone needs a dog show buddy....

Bye for now!