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Hi Poodle Friends,
The boy in my house is the most puppy-like No Fur of the bunch. I like to jump on him and bite his pants and then he wiggles and makes funny sounds and starts playing chase. I am VERY good at chase. Sometimes the boy has other small No Furs with him and they do the same thing! It is awesome. I thought we had this down pat but today the mom made me do the dumbest thing in the world.

The boy did super fun playing kinds of things and I had to sit there like a boring Noodle until he gave me a little breakfast. It was very weird but the No Furs said they were proud of me.

Here are some videos of the boring stuff.

Love, Noodle

(From the mom: We doing some verrrry basic stuff but I thought it might be helpful if any of you have the same struggles with wiggly, excitable pups and wiggly, excitable kids. This was hard for Noodle so he is right--we are very proud.)




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This is awesome! Keep this up. Kids running past doesn't mean go bananas is an important lesson. Very good job. Please keep practicing. It's wonderful to see.

I have another fun game for kiddos and dogs. It's called go wild and freeze.

You need at least one child and one dog. More kids is a good thing, though. Puppy can be on leash, and probably should because this game can get... wild.

Everyone starts as a statue. Dog is in a sit. Kid in a statue freeze. No one is moving. Everyone is still.

After silently reciting the alphabet in your head, you call out: Go wild!

Now, let the kids waive their arms, jump and wiggle, cheer and yell, AND let the puppy get excited and jump and bark and wiggle, and spin. For these few seconds, everyone is a little nutty, including you. Go wild! Make sure the puppy isn't scared by this, but excited. This isn't meant to be scary, but great fun.[

After you recite the alphabet in your head, you call out: Freeze!

Tell your dog to down or sit, your choice. Everyone is a statue. No one speaks, no one moves.

After you recite the alphabet again, call out: Go wild!

Repeat the game, still and quiet, up and excited, and still and quiet. Back and forth between excited and quiet. This teaches your puppy how to calm down when overly excited, which they don't know how to do. It's good for kids to learn how to regulate their own feelings going from excited to calm. And it's fun! You'll teach your dog a new cue in the process: Freeze. They'll know, from playing the game, that freeze means to just turn it all off and stop.

Always end after a freeze, so no one exits the game feeling cranked up.

You can click the dog for the freeze if you like, and treat repeatedly for calm if you need to. Eventually, you won't need to because the dog will learn that go wild is rewarding and makes the freeze worth it.

Be the broccoli in your dog training. If you eat your broccoli, you can eat cookies. Go wild is the cookie. The freeze is the broccoli. Be the broccoli. You're on the right track going in the right direction. Keep it up!

Click on!


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Absolutely Fabulous! I also like Click's go wild.
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