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I FINALLY found a groomer I like, who really understands the way I want Bauer to look. For the first time in almost 2 years, Bauer came home from the groomer's looking better than when we dropped him off!!

Of course, he doesn't look much like a poodle... lol!! I am not a big fan of the show cut, and every other groomer I've taken him to has a different idea of what a teddy bear cut is.

Essentially, he has a teddy bear cut, about 1/2" long with slightly more hair on his ears and top knot. They left the muzzle a little longer as well which makes up for his skinny rat-like nose (forgive me for saying that, lol!! When it's cut too short with his big sharp teeth he reminds me of a rodent). They shaved down his toes as usual, shaved and plucked inside his ears, and clipped his toes. It cost me $105 which is more than most places I've gone... but it was money well spent to be able to look at my dog and not feel embarassed for him.

The best part is, my husband actually said he looks GOOD! My husband, who hates the look of a grown poodle, thinks Bauer looks GOOD! Not "OK" ... GOOD!! lol!! Sorry to get all excited, but some of you have read my posts about my husband's relationship with Bauer and for him to say that is a big step...

I'll have to post a pic, I just think he looks soooo handsome... and he's so soft and shiny!! He never looks like that when I give him a bath and comb him out. Something about a fresh haircut I guess.


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