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Wonder pup or other groomers ?s

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In Mandy's Sundays bath pics I am switching her over from bikini to lamb clip but she is so tiny you can see her hip bones so I am letting the leg hair come around over her bones but want to shape it down. Sorta blended it in so you don't see bone yet keep it proportioned. Right now it still looks off to me is it because her leg hair is not that long yet?

As for her ear hair it starting to look scraggly at bottom. Should I cut it straight across or rounded for a natural look?

I wasnt going to cut it at all but it is really rough looking.

Any other thoughts for such a boney petite spoo.
her hair grows reasonably fast in that it is less then 2 months since cutting off pom poms. I did just do her body with a 7 blade though so it is SHORT.
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It's all up to you :)

Personaly I probably wouldn't use the 7 blade on her if you can handle a little more hair. The lack of coat on the body kind of screams skinny to me if that makes sense. If you can let the body hair grow out and do the lamb clip with say a #4 blade and either scissor the legs are use something like a 0 snap on comb over a 30 or 40 blade I think you'll get the look you're looking for. I would only skim straight down the side of the leg with the gaurd comb. If you clip the front rather than scissor it you'll run the risk of ending up with the chicken leg look which won't do you any good.

For the ears I really like the rounded look myself, though some people never touch them or cut them straight across. It's a personal choice.
Here is a pic of Jazz when we first brought her home. She looked pretty rough and didn't really have enough hair for me to do anything with. But I was able to clip her ears into a pleasing shape.

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I had used the 4f first but thought with her still growing in the 7f would give more definition in her body to her legs. ( the pic is up in the pictures section)
She had gotton rather fluffy in just a couple weeks so will do the 4 again next time.
She seams to be growing hair quickly right now. 3 weeks ago was when I goofed and did her face with the 30 and looking at her she needs it done already
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