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Whew! You must feel better getting that off your chest!

I don't know if I would say that you ruined Saleen. Things didn't happen because of your condition and she developed some undesirable traits. That doesn't mean to say that when you are settled with baby that you cannot go back and retrain her.

I hope that it all works out with the dog sitter so that you have peace of mind and can concentrate on bringing your precious new baby into the world.

I was surprised to see that you wrote that you 'hate' kids....LOL This is going to be a big challenge for you! I take it you hate the behavior of kids who are not taught to behave properly just as we do with a dog that is out of control.

Best of luck to you with your birthing. I will be praying for you and family that all goes well and you are home in the three days you hope to be.
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