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Wish us luck

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Just a random post/gripe about Saleen. Don't have anyone else to tell it to LoL.

Saleen is going to meet the pet sitter for the first time tomorrow morning. I hope she behaves herself and doesn't have any OMG a scary stranger type "blonde moments" She is going to need to be friends with this lady though because if she isn't she's gonna have a real shock coming to her when mommy and daddy disappear for an undetermined amount of time (hopefuly only 3 days max, one to deliver, two to recover. Lets hope we don't need more than the standard two days)

I'm so worried that I've ruined her. Crappy timing to get prego and be so ill I couldn't take her out and keep up on her social skills. :doh: In the last two weeks though we've been trying a little harder since I've felt better up until today. I popped in to my obedience class which I am off the hook this month from teaching and she did soooo well. She even went with the other instructor whom she kind of knows but not very well and hasn't seen in months and worked really well for her as a demo dog. She let a few people pet her and took a lot of interest in the other dogs. Only once did she shy away and it was from a friend of mine who is a very tall man. He was sitting down though and she acted like she was going to say hello and then when he said hello back she didn't want anything to do with him lol.

I got grounded by the doctor and I had to stay home from the agility trial I was going to take her to this weekend to walk around at. We did still get to go to the retirement home though. Methinks Saleen has no future as a therapy dog :rolffleyes: just not her thing and she's not even super cuddly with us at home so I didn't expect her to be like Jazz and try and crawl in any lab available. She was doing well though, GREAT with all the other dogs and kennel club memebers and greeting a fair amount of residents as long as they weren't walking with a walker and trying to smack at her head which is how somebody attempted to pet her. Bummer though we ended up taking one step forward and two steps back when an obnoxious little kid wouldn't take no for an answer and kept chasing her trying to pet her. It took two other people to rein said child in and find her parental unit to get her to leave Saleen alone. Saleen doesn't like kids it's pretty obvious, won't even take treats from them. I dont like kids either so I don't really care to be honest but I do care that it freaked her out enough that after that she wouldn't visit with anyone else. What more and I don't get this at all, people seem to be drawn to Saleen and will ignore super therapy dog Jazz given the chance. Saleen is more of a let me check you out and then we can be friends type of personality right now. Again, my fault, it wasn't always so. The guy I worked with back when she was about 5 mo old she hated and he was always doing somthing to scare her. She begin to go through a bit of a fear period that I had noticed and bang morning sickness just about killed me so I wasn't able to deal with it. I even stopped taking her to work to stop the exposure to this guy and hopefuly prevent the issue from getting worse, to late.

Weirdly enough though Satan himself could walk through our front door and Saleen would be friends with him. Thats been the case so far, she's super comfortable in the house and back yard. Step out the front door and it's a toss up sometimes who she will be happy to see and who she won't. She seems to not like a lot of men which I hope I can fix asap when everything settles down and returns to some version of normal. We've got quite a bit of social skills work to do to have her ring ready sometime in the next year which is my goal. We'll see how much Nicholas changes that, hopefully I can do both :) I'm almost not planning to go back to working.

Next time I get a puppy though I will make sure I am on birth control.... ROFL.
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Whew! You must feel better getting that off your chest!

I don't know if I would say that you ruined Saleen. Things didn't happen because of your condition and she developed some undesirable traits. That doesn't mean to say that when you are settled with baby that you cannot go back and retrain her.

I hope that it all works out with the dog sitter so that you have peace of mind and can concentrate on bringing your precious new baby into the world.

I was surprised to see that you wrote that you 'hate' kids....LOL This is going to be a big challenge for you! I take it you hate the behavior of kids who are not taught to behave properly just as we do with a dog that is out of control.

Best of luck to you with your birthing. I will be praying for you and family that all goes well and you are home in the three days you hope to be.
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I thank god for birth control every day! ;)

I hope all goes smoothly for you, all the way around. :)

Saleen, be a good girl!
LoL, spoospirit I got halfway through my degree in education before it occured to me that the reason I was so unhappy was that I really disliked other people's children for the most part. The bratty ones. I am good with kids which is kind of ironic but I don't especially enjoy young children who are loud and over active. Preschoolers were the age group I was sort of going for though which is weird to me. I taught preschool for two years there was a class in highschool where we ran a working preschool, under the program director supervision of course. It was a three year program that gave you all sorts of ccertifications and an degree in less than a year after graduation from highschool. Neat stuff. Not my cup of tea. though now that I am a few years older it may be different. When I got to my interships in the public schools I really disliked it, especially the older grades like 3rd - 5th. Some of those kids are real creeps!
I kept all the childeran and family certs current so that should I so desire or should there be a real need I could go to work tomorrow in a daycare, pre-k, or as a teachers assistant and then finish the early childhood ed degree or another teach degree. My sister is a 4th grade teacher and I for the life of me cannot understand how she does it. I would want to strangle somebody's child. It takes a special person to be a teacher and work with children, (especially in public schools!!), and you have to enjoy it or everyone is unhappy. I'm not that person. I like teaching but I'd rather do adults and dogs lol. Until just recently I like grooming even better but now... ?? I don't know.

Saleen made friends with the petsitter which is good. She's not the most cuddly dog at the best of time so she wasn't all over the lady like Jazz wanted to be but she did greet her and was happy. The lady is kind of loud sometimes so that made beanie a little nervous at first. Until she realized that the loud-ish new person was really a huge cookie jar LoL. Now she's best friends rofl.
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Yeah that whole "not liking kids" thing isn't going to work out so well with your own kid. If Saleen likes food treats you could have the future sitter pack her pockets full of treats and offer them to her as she comes to her and have her put a leash on her and take her out.
Glad to hear the meeting went well with the sitter. I hear you on the kids thing. I don't like "general" kids. That is, when I'm out in public, I'm often irritated by other people's children! But I do tend to like the kids who are personally linked to me in some way (I don't have any yet). And my mom, who doesn't like kids en masse, assures me that if I ever have any I will like them. I think there's a difference between generally liking kids and liking your own kids!
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