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Will it ever end?

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I think Riley tore his cruciate ligiment today. I was gone for the day at a study group. My family said he was laying on the front step and wouldnt get up (he frequently lays on the step and watches things in the nice weather). He wont put any pressure on his left hind leg, and cant get up without help. My vet felt it tonight and strongly suspects it. He will go in tomorrow for x-rays to confirm. If its completely torn then he will need surgery. If its not then most likely will need heavy crate rest to heal. Either way its going to be a long recovery i suspect. Please send some healing thoughts to my poor boy who just cant seem to catch a break.
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Oh Riley! :(

What a horrible streak of luck.
I hope he feels better soon...ugh!
So sorry. :( Sounds just like what our first PWD had. I hope if he does have to have surgery, he makes a full recovery, just like our guy did! The recovery period and keeping them confined is tough but after that you would never have known that anything was wrong with his leg.

Sending super duper positive vibes to you guys!!!
Get well soon to your poor baby :C I'm sorry he's going through so much.
Poor Riley. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Maybe it's just strained and not torn. *fingers crossed*
i sincerely hopes it's not, but if it is, then let's put things in perspective it. thank God it's not something that could threaten his life....that would be a tragedy. so, again, here's crossed fingers that we get better news.
Ah gee.... I'm really sorry to hear there could be another battle for Riley and yourself. I hope you get some encouraging news after the xrays.
He's in good and loving hands and we'll keep good thoughts going your way for a quick recovery.

What crummy luck. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Absolutely sending loads of healing health! Poor Riley, I am so glad he has you looking after him!
Awww, poor boy!!!! Sending healing vibes for a speedy recovery and keeping our collective fingers and paws crossed that it's nothing really serious. :hug:
Oh no!!! :( I'm so sorry to hear that!! Good luck healing, Riley. I'm wishing for a fast and healthy recovery!
(((HUGS))) to you both! and fingers crossed that he makes a speedy recovery.
Thanks so much girls! It means alot to hear that kind of support and kind words towards my baby and me.

Good news! He didnt tear his ligament (ACL). His knee is very swollen and we can see it on the x-rays. He is still for the most part completely non-weight baring on the leg. He can get up better then yesterday, so that is good (he had to be carried inside at first). He will be on rest and medication for a week, and then we will reevaluate. If no improvement then we will send the x-rays off and possible refferal (which i have no problem doing). Heres hoping! I am so glad i was wrong on this!
I am so glad that Riley didn't tear his ACL, that's great news. So now we just hope for speedy recovery without the need for further treatments.

Give the big boy an extra belly rub for me.
You have certainly been having a trial lately! Thinking of Riley and you and keeping his situation in my prayers!
I just discovered this thread : (((. Poor baby :sidefrown:

It is great to hear that nothing is torn and that he already moves somewhat better !!!! :)

Will keep your sweet boy in my thoughts when I speak with "higher-ups" ; ) , that is for sure :hug:
What a relief that it's not his cruciate! I hope the recovery goes well and he's not too much of a PITA while he's having to be confined. :)
Oh no! Poor Riley...and on top of the recent Addison's diagnosis, so poor you too! Will you have to give him more prednisone to make up from the stress of the injury? I'm glad it's not his ACL, and hope it's nothing serious with his knee either, and it just heals itself.
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