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Who makes the best pee pads? PetGuide investigates...

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Whether you are potty training your dog, have an elderly pet with continence issues or simply want your pooch to have somewhere to go potty while you are at work, pee pads are the answer. To make sure you avoid having issues with leaks, odors, tears or poor capacity, we have prepared a list of best pee pads for pets that the market has to offer.

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One of your selections was the Wee Wee Pads. I used 22x23 size nearly two years for my toy poodle and would buy the bulk box size. I was disappointed with the last shipment however.

The diamond-shaped grid on the white cotton area is now larger, which means it doesn't lock in absorbancy as much as it did before. Thus I have to change them more often. The blue plastic backing feels thinner too, so combined with less absorbancy, this allows for leakage on the floor if not changed sooner. When I run out, I'll be switching brands.
I love that there are machine washable ones now!

(I'm very obsessed with the environment and future of humanity / preserving the earth for our children.)

On a side note, I heard in Asia they use a sheet of newspaper (like, the old black and white ones). Sounds nice for the environment, though has it's cons: pee leaks through, barely has any odour prevention, etc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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