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Due to a few nasty, disgruntled trolls who have lied about me left and right on this forum and behind the scenes by PMing countless people, I would like to set the record straight about who I am, and I would also like to hear who you are, if you would like to share.

-I voted for Hillary, but I'm not a fan of hers or politics in general.

-I am a non-denominational Christian.

-I developed severe panic disorder and agoraphobia after being sexually abused by a nun at Catholic school. I dropped out when I was 16 and never finished high school.

-I graduated summa *** laude from University with a degree in Psychology.

-I am currently a graduate student in Counseling Psychology.

-Before this, I worked in Early Childhood Education, as a teacher, director, and owner of a nursery school.

-I have volunteered for over 15 years on the suicide and crisis hotline. I have also rescued and fostered many dogs over the years.

-I have friends from all walks of life and many different ethnic backgrounds.

-I value honesty and high morals and ethics above everything else.

-I am strong. I have overcome many personal challenges and losses, and I will never give up or be defeated by anything or anyone.

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Raised catholic but now not religious at all.

Ph.D. in immunology from an Ivy League medical educational program.

Over 30 years award winning (state and national) professor of biological sciences.

Political junkie, left of center by a good deal.

Love nature, all animals, keep chickens, train dogs (my own and others) for performance sports.

CGC evaluator.

Value honesty in others so demand it of myself. Value integrity in others so demand it of myself.

Worried seriously about the future of humanity and the planet in general because of anthropogenic global change, still hoping my teaching about it hits the right ears.

Believe that universal access to safe water, adequate nutrition and affordable healthcare are basic human rights, not only deserved by wealthy folks.

Strong so not afraid to tell it as I see it even when my POV is not the prevailing one.

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- 30 years in Library and Information Studies - now retired.
- Lifelong Democrat
- Introverted
- Love reading but don't collect books
- A good and loyal friend
- Willing to stand up for what I feel is right
- Bipolar disorder, treated now for 20 years - continued problems
- Met my husband 20 years ago (my 1st marriage) and still happy
- Worried about the state of America, Endangered Species and Climate Change
- Huge Major League baseball fan
- Spent 5 years of bliss living on my cousin's horse farm
- Hate to clean aquariums
- Love to travel internationally

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Who am I?

Liberal – way left of center – Democrat. Active in politics. News junkie. Believe that everyone everywhere has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and also food, shelter, and clean water.

More or less a Christian – I strongly believe in “do unto others”.

Healthy and active for my age (78). Love being out of doors. Live in semi-rural area between Albuquerque and Santa Fe in the Sandia Mountains.

Have had dogs since 1967 – mostly poodles and whippets but have had a wide variety of breeds. Former AKC judge. Participate in conformation, agility, obedience, and barn hunt. Agility is my favorite. Hope to do tracking. Had horses (Arabians) until two years ago – had to re-home them because I could no long handle heavy bales of hay and sacks of feed.

Attended Duke U and University of West Florida. First career was nursing, then a teacher for quite a few years (mostly middle school English), then a computer programmer, and finally a systems analyst specializing in school records management systems. Retired two years ago.

Love my home state of New Mexico because folks here respect and value one another more than anywhere I’ve ever lived. In order, I’ve lived in Tennessee, New Mexico, North Carolina, Brazil, Virginia, California, Virginia (again), New York, South Carolina, Scotland, Florida, Texas, and, finally, New Mexico. The only other place I loved like New Mexico was Scotland.

Two children – my daughter is a professor of Engineering. My son died when he was 8.

Besides showing/training dogs my other hobbies are woodworking (primarily making furniture), gardening, and travel.

I have been married twice – one of each gender.

I believe that there is good in everyone, even if it is sometimes difficult to perceive.

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About me:

- I grew up in many different places. By age 15 I had lived in Texas, Kansas, Canada (Montreal), Michigan, New Mexico and Utah. Been in Southern Utah now for 15 years.

- Because of all the moving I had a pretty sporadic education, some years home schooled, once held back a grade (due to having a Sept birthday), once skipping a grade, and I changed school districts 5 times before graduating high school.

- I graduated college with a BS degree in business administration.

- I was a dog groomer for 3-4 years, starting in high school. The majority of that time I was solely a bather but the last year or so I worked part time doing haircuts.

- I absolutely hate politics, don’t try to discuss them with me.

- I am religious and a Christian. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am very accepting and tolerant (and quite enjoy being around) others of different religious, ethnic, and social etc backgrounds.

- I am married and we have one child, a son. He was born with a birth defect called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. He nearly died at birth (he was given only 50% odds before he was born.) Thankfully he pulled through, but I have aged 60 years since he was born 6 years ago. He has had one medical problem after another and they continue to this day. Nothing could have prepared me for the horrible emotional and physical toll that it takes to have a special needs child. We did attempt to have another child a few years ago but I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have emergency surgery. As of right now I don’t plan to have more kids. I may foster or adopt in the future.

- I have loved animals since I was a tiny child. I was always reading dog books. I had several breed books and had all the breeds memorized very young. We somehow had one of the big dog shows recorded off of tv onto an old vhs tape. I watched it over and over again. Having a show dog of my own has been a life goal and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend 11 akc show clusters since Luna’s first show last March. Most were attended as a spectator or assistant. They keep life exciting, for sure.

Anything else you’d like to know, just ask. I have enjoyed reading about the other forum members who have posted here.

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Liberal democrat, but am saddened by the polarization in America today, and how it permeates everything, even a poodle forum

Child of an immigrant who didn’t get citizenship till I was 12

Married 38 years (happily) to my second husband. Three grown kids, three grandsons.

Taught high school English for 7 years before changing careers in my mid thirties

I am a nurse and hold a PhD in nursing. I currently run a bachelor’s and master’s program in nursing, but have done many different things in my career.

Love animals of all types and grew up with a menagerie. My mother was a reputable breeder of Persian cats and very active in the cat fancy. My grandfather bred GSDs for police work in Germany. My parents owned a pet supply/ tropical fish store and adamantly refused to carry puppies, despite the fact that it was common practice for other stores in the area. Knowing the evils of high volume breeding/ puppy mills was part of the fabric of my youth. I count myself lucky in that respect.

My animals are my solace, and I love doing anything with animals, but dogs are my favorite. I did a lot of fostering and rescue work in the past. Am excited now about exploring more sports with my dogs in this phase of my life.

I believe strongly in just being kind, and despise elitism. I’ve had my feet on both sides of the economic and social ladder and it left me with little patience for people who use their success to lord over others.

Had struggles in life for sure. Abusive first marriage early in life, father who struggled with mental health issues and alcoholism, a few other things that are really too much to talk about here. However, even the bad experiences helped shape the goodness of my life today. Life truly is good.

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Due to a few nasty, disgruntled trolls who have lied about me left and right on this forum and behind the scenes by PMing countless people, I would like to set the record straight about who I am, and I would also like to hear who you are, if you would like to share.
MF...you don't have to set any record straight. You have nothing but a stellar record as far as I'm concerned and as far as the majority here is concerned. Anyone who thinks otherwise has probably drinks heavily and is down to her last couple brain cells. You are about as true blue...as honest and moral as they come, smart as a whip, you've got gumption and a terrific, generous personality. So, you don't have to prove yourself or set any record straight. But if you feel like you did, then I'm glad you did. Besides, those extras... all you've accomplished are pretty darn interesting and cool! :adore:

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Who am I? Do we define ourselves by the things we do? Or what we've done? First I have to figure out how to define myself before I can answer that very complex question.:dontknow: I may come back to this or maybe not. I have to go out and plant my vegetables now.

And fertilize my lawn.


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Who am I? Do we define ourselves by the things we do? Or what we've done? First I have to figure out how to define myself before I can answer that very complex question.:dontknow: I may come back to this or maybe not. I have to go out and plant my vegetables now
Lol, exactly my thoughts. I have been reading this interesting post but have not figured out yet who I am.

I guess my biggest accomplishment in life, the thing I am most proud of, are my children.

What defines me is probably my love of animals and the way I connect with them. Even from an early age, before I could even walk.

I was raised by parents who did not connect with their kids, although they provided all the basic care and more. So the love and connection I needed was found with my pets.

I would also say what defines me is my sense of integrity and justice. I am a very fair person. And loyal.

That’s what comes to mind for now.

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I will soon be 59

I was adopted by two parents who have no idea what unconditional love means

I am a staunch Democrat

I was married at 18, and left before I turned 19 ( caught my husband in bed with another man)

I believe people should be, and be proud of, who they are and what they stand for

I chose to never re-marry. My parents were horrible role models. What I learned was that marriage is full of extreme stress, very volatile and filled with strife, verbal and mental abuse among many other negative things.

Except for loving dogs, I didn’t know what love was until my mid 20’s.

I have a psychiatric illness which is a struggle everyday. It started at 10 years old

I never saw a psychiatrist until I tried to end my life at 18. My parents didn’t want to spend that kind of money

I am Jewish and love God

My dogs are my comfort and joy, they’re the biggest part of my life

I do not have children as I don’t have the temperament for them

I dropped out of high school but obtained my GED right away. My score was 1415 out of a possible 1450

Math is my best subject along with logic

I went to a state college but had to drop out halfway through due to my illness. I also went to technical school for computer programming and did extremely well and finished it.

I try not to hurt those I love, but sometimes do

I am honest, at times brutally honest

I am opinionated and have a hard head

I am also physically disabled and hate it

When I cook dinner, I have to do it in “shifts” as I cannot stand that long. I often have a sandwich instead.

If you can think iof anything else you’d like to know about me, please ask...

I am an open book

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This is what I am willing to share for now:

-Use self-deprecating humor about myself but sometimes mean what I say
-Don’t use social media of any kind
-Stick close to my small group of friends
-Currently a teacher (very hard as an introvert!), but considering changing professions (school is expensive)
-My dream career would be to open some sort of pet related business (where I would have my dogs with me all day) or train dogs for people with disabilities
-I have had pets since I was 7 and dogs since I was 12
-Moving back to my hometown very soon…hoping for a happier life
-Hoping to own my own house again and have 3 dogs...if and when I can afford 3 (currently have 2)

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I like to be anonymous on line - I realize that's a pipe dream - big brother is watching and knowing. haha.

I'm retired but was a scientist doing both translational research and developed/implemented new patient testing. I had a large lab.

When I retired, I was lost - I filled time with a lot of volunteer work in my community (and continue to this day). Three years ago I noticed my neighbor walking a Portuguese Water Dog puppy (looks a lot like a poodle) and it made me realize I needed poodle in my life. Took me awhile to find my Babykins - but I'm thrilled I found her.

And I found PF - a wonderful resource.

I'm an introvert too. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. is a wonderful book that explains the value of introverts in a world that overvalues extroverts. I'm also an avid book reader and belong to 5 book groups.

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My life would read like a telenovela if I wrote it all down but here are the basics....

I am 69 years old
I am of Sicilian and German descent (I'm a lapsed Catholic lol!)
I never went to college as it was expected that I would marry young like my sisters and Italian girls live at home until they are married (preferably to Italian boys) but I rebelled
got pregnant and married the delivery guy at the Italian Bakery who was tall and blond and American English/Norwegian descent.......I did eventually go back to school and became a Veterinary Technician
I am A Democrat from a long line of Democrats LOL!

If I had to describe myself I am;
A perfectionist with myself but do not expect others to live up to my perfectionism(I don't care about your messiness only my own, although in my younger years I might have helped you clean your house! LOL)
A soft hearted ugly crier who gets her feelings hurt, but tries not to show it
I have compassion only for those who deserve it...it took me a loooong time to
learn how to say 'NO'
I have a big soft spot for all creatures except flies, fleas,ants, & gophers
I love growing things
I love to sew and read
I am curious about everything, and will Google anything

The MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life is my Family (and I consider Molly to be 'family'!

My GOAL in life right now is to live long enough to see my 2 Grandchildren go to college
(I have stage 4 COPD and now I am on oxygen 24/7)... 1 is on her way as of next year and the other in 2 years ...........I was told I would die in 3-5 years 7 years ago!! So who knows? I have good days and bad days, but I just might make it !!!!
Here's the latest edition of 'Me'


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I am a divorced since 1982, engaged 4 times and chickened out, decided no marriage in the future. I do what I want when I want and answer to no one other than my 3 poodles. Married 2 time one year first time 15 the second, they forgot to find their way home one night and that was the end of each.

I am an extrovert say what is on my mind and a diehard Republican.

Been in real estate since 1981 and still working with no intention of retiring as long as I can drive and walk. List and sell and recruit agents for the company

Have a large group of girlfriends who are widowed, or divorced and we do a lot of things and someone is always available. Most all are friend and past and current clients. Love my work and am known to tell it like it is for friends or clients, I am told that is a trait people appreciate as they know where they stand, and my reputation in business is tough, but honest, even with competitors.
No kids did not want the responsibility

2 yrs college

Owned, a restaurant with my sister, former husband and I a trucking company (that made me tuff) and construction company (commercial and residential home). Owned a Re/Max franchise for 12 years, but it was like having kids and not being one to cuddle I prefer listing and selling rather than management

Health is pretty good for age of 73, but getting to fat, which I never was.

Never take vacations, do not know how and won’t leave my girls. Had a choice to make my girls or a relationship girls won out.

That is about it but who knows what is to come in the future, if I lose some weight I expect a long life

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I have to 2nd what Pg has said. You have been very helpful o me always and never rude or disrespectful. Personally I don't care who anyone is or what degree or non degree they have behind them If one is my personal acquaintance or friend I like honesty, and that you are a caring person. I don't care what someones political beliefs are, I feel we have a say when we vote and I don't believe in influencing ones vote either way.

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Molly, one thing I know about you for sure is that you've got true grit. You're one helluva trooper and such a wonderful, supportive person. Your words should matter so much to smokers. I want to show my daughter your post. You are also defeating the Dr's prediction and that's probably on account of that strength of character and gumption you have in such abundance. Bless you and may peace be with you.

I am also one who loves a clean house and neat yard. I work very hard to keep my house clean and tidy. It's important to me to have order. It must be the German in me. I'm half German and the other half is English, Irish, Scottish and one person worth of Spanish, a man named Costello who crashed off the coast of Ireland.

Glory bee...we may not think alike on dog training methods. But we sure do think alike in politics, don't we. hahaha. Yep...old school, conservative here who likes the idea of keeping our country similarly strong as it was in the past by way of the way it was done in the past. But yes, it is a touchy subject. There are two schools of thought or more and that's just the way it is. Another similarity is that I too, love being single. No relationship strife, love the independence and like you say, come and go as we please, don't have to cook dinner if I don't want to. (although my ex wasn't too demanding that way) It's just nice to have the peace and quiet I need without interference. It isn't for everyone but once was enough for me to be married. After that, a couple of clinging vines and complainers for boy friends, one narcissist (and I don't mean that in the casual sense but as in the personality disorder...it was like coming out of a cult) and after all that it was like...duh Carrie. Learn. You're so much better by yourself with dogs only. I tell people if I ever get another man, it will be a poodle.

One thing I heartily resent is people accusing republicans or conservatives (some republicans don't act very republican these days) of lacking empathy or of having no heart or concern for people..being cruel and vicious...those kinds of things. (I was accused of that in a previous post or two right smack dab out there in public. I think that's a horrible thing to say to someone, especially someone you don't know well enough. Where was the empathy there?) Anyhow, nothing could be further from the truth...just because I don't think socialism works... and it never did. I am so empathetic in fact, that I have been on more than one occasion snared by people with narcissistic personality disorder. (2) I'm onto it now though. I've been a magnet for them because I am caring, sympathetic, empathetic and nurturing. I go out of my way to help a friend in need any time they need it.

I see a need and I rush in to try and help without being asked. I'm fixing to volunteer for the county in assisting abused children by being a court appointed advocate. I care deeply about children or animals who are suffering and there's a need for people to advocate for them. I am afraid I can't work at an animal shelter or I might really wind up being a dog hoarder. I hope I don't become a kid hoarder. Don't think there's much danger in that though...not at my age.

I'm one of those people who cry at the most stupid movies or books if they're the slightest bit poignant. You should have seen me reading Marley and Me. OMG! Sobbing. I have deep, strong emotions. I'm very loving and demonstrative, cheerful and upbeat almost all the time but when I get angry, I get good and angry. I am not prone to depression or anxiety but I am definitely a nervous person....if the door bell rings, I leap out of my chair like a lightening bolt. I do worry about things too much but I don't think I'd classify it as anxiety exactly. But I think about what's the worst thing that could happen and take steps to prevent it...about a LOT OF THINGS. lol. Kind of neurotic that way. I blame it on being a girl scout.

I'm honest, moral and hard working. Right now, retired. But I've been in multiple kinds of careers. I just have to have a taste of everything. Started out majoring in music in college...decided teaching wouldn't be for me, (wasn't good enough to be a concert pianist by a long shot. lol) even though I've taught lots of different things (going back to earlier days) from piano lessons, equestrian lessons, swimming (was a competitive swimmer and instructor/life guard way back when) I've done landscaping, real estate agent, real estate investor, medical assistant, then finally took my education in animal behavior a step further, studied some more and started helping people with problem behavior with their dogs. My then husband (now ex) and I had a machine shop. He did all the hard work. I did the books. (miraculously we didn't get audited by the IRS...math is not my strong point, though music is mathematical...go figure) :afraid:

Love animals. I have to thank my deceased dad for instilling the value of hobbies in me. I've had and have oodles of hobbies. When I was a kid we had Guinea pigs...lots of them. We "bred" them....didn't mean to but got a "male" that wasn't a male, but a pregnant female named Maude. My dad got interested in selective breeding of sorts. He also had tropical fish up the ying yang...several aquariums. That became my hobby when I got a little older and he helped me with that. Then he got me started on horses because he had had horses growing up in PA. So I had horses a good deal of my life. Other hobbies have been down hill skiing, hiking which I still am able to do and love to do. My dad taught me to shoot at a young age and he took me to the gun range every weekend, especially in the fall and then we'd go next door to the fish hatchery. I became a crack shot as a teenager. He also taught me gardening and we always had a big vegetable garden and lots of flowers. He had me work in the garden and he showed me things and over all those years I absorbed quite a fair amount of information, though of course, there's always something I don't know. Right now, one of my trees has some kind of disease and I don't have a clue. :argh: Since I've moved to my new place last year, I've taken up bike riding and rock hunting...got a rock polisher for Xmas from my daughter. Back in Idaho where I lived for 10 years, I got inspired to write and wrote most of a book along with poems and other things. I think reading and writing is amazingly fulfilling. I love to fish but haven't since I lived in north Idaho. I play the piano...since I was very young. (mostly classical) bluegrass banjo (still learning) and sing and have been the host for karaoke in a couple of lounges. One thing...I'm never bored. And one of my pet peeves is to hear someone saying that they're bored. I never tolerated that in my kids. It's just a ridiculous notion to me. And my kids were awesome. :love2:

Then there were dogs. When I was 5 I was stealing neighbor's dogs and bringing them home. My mother had to return them but I was persistent and kept picking up strange dogs and neighbor dogs that my mother had to go find out whose dogs they were. Back then kids weren't supervised as heavily as they are nowadays...at least not in my neighborhood in NJ. Anyhow, FINALLY she got a dog from the pound and then she had puppies and we kept one. Back then it wasn't a crime to let your dog wander and have babies...very different way back in the 50's and 60's.

Even after all that long, boring post, I don't think anyone can know me or anyone else very well without spending personal time with them. I wish we could all meet. That's another thing...I'm not very introverted, though I do like to spend a great percentage of my time doing my own hobbies...like to be by myself. HOWEVER....I also love to socialize and just had a cocktail party the other night and invited several neighbors over. I do like to entertain. I turned on the karaoke machine and there was music and singing. :musical-note::sing: So there's a time and place for everything.

So you asked for it MF. Bet you didn't think I could blabber on like that! (or maybe you did) haha. (I do have a sort of track record, don't I) :act-up: I have so enjoyed reading about all of you. You've done some pretty amazing things some of you.
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