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So I am finally out of the post baby fog, kind of anyway, and am starting to take more of an interest in the girls. Not that I've been totally ignoring them this whole time but they've had less of my attention than before. What can I say it's hard to groom with a little one screaming away in his bouncy seat or stroller in the groom room and a little unnerving to try it while wearing him in my wrap. Getting better and better though so I've started grooming more again.

Anyway so the result of all this is Jazz is now more and more apricot looking as far as color goes. She's a somewhat lighter cream color by the way. When I was washing her weekly or every other week she was nice white, well as white as a cream dog can get anyhow. Now she is sort of stained and dingy looking. My regular shampoo isn't getting it out. I bought a chepo hartz whitening shampoo because I liked the smell and needed something right then and couldn't wait to order anything at the time. That's not helping, not that I thought it would really and like I said I bought it more for smell anyhow. I dug out some super white (biogroom) and it helped a little tiny bit but she'll still darker than she used to and I can look at the hair and tell it is more stained than anything else. The hair that has been clipped closer is not stained which is what gives it away.

Any suggestions other than clipping her? I'm just now growing her out after she was clipped short all over when Nicholas was born.

One more question I have a client who adopted a silver poo mix. She asked me about color shampoos and said she had found one for horses that was supposed to be specific to silver and light colors. Wants to know if she should buy that for her dog and if it will help with the color. I said I wasn't sure but I didn't think it would do much of anything and dog shampoo is cheaper than this stuff.

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