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Elroy: Standard Poodle, Born 02/20/21
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Elroy's paws were flakey like that. He was biting them to, so they were probably itchy. They also smelled like fritos. My vet gave me an anti-itch solution to spray on them, but that seemed to make him bite it more. I figured he didn't like it, or it tasted good...either way, I stopped using it almost immediately and instead put socks on him to keep him from biting them (biting was leading to sores). Then my groomer commented on his flakey, smelly (fritos) feet and recommended Gold Bond Medicated Powder (maximum strength, blue container). I dusted his feet with it twice a week for a couple of weeks and they healed rather quickly. My groomer thought it was a yeast infection (so keep them dry).
Have you seen your vet?
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