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Which Dog Food Do You Use?

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Hello Everyone,

I have a 15 week old Standard Poodle puppy. Her name is Leila. She is my first Standard.....I have 2 Toy Poodles, Libra and Lacey. I'm not sure which dog food to use for her. Since she will be much larger than I am use to, I am just concerned about her coat. Please give me any recommendations on what other standard poodle owners feed their puppies/doggies. Thank you.
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Thanks for your advice. I hope to find the right food soon for her.
We use Blue Buffalo. It's a good quality food for a reasonable price. I also like Wellness Core's ingredients. There are some others but we don't have places that carry them here. I think EVO has quality ingredients and I like Chicken Soup puppy formula.
Thanks for your info and recommendations. I will look into Blue Buffalo. :)
I feed Purina One, have for years, it is the very same formula as Purina Pro Plan except instead of including the fat in the food they spray the food with the fat. I attended a recent seminar called Puppy Puzzle given by Pat Hastings. She recommended this food as well as feeding the Adult formula rather then they puppy formula.[/QUOTE

I Feed Purina One to my two Toy Poodles and they have done great with it, the oldest is 14 yrs old. I just wasn't sure if it would be okay for my Standard, since she will be much larger and have a larger coat. I am just so confused this time around....I get differenet answers from different people at PetSmart at different locations. Right now she is eating Purnia One mixed with Purina Pro Plan and I got some Eukanuba. She is eating everything I give her, I just want to find the best one for her. :smile:
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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