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Hi everybody!

I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a standard poodle, but, since now, I've found it very difficult to find the information I need about sp kennels and the way they select their dogs: in general, I know very little about standard poodles' bloodlines so I hope you could help me. I'd like to get a sp in the near future and start with him/her obedience training, so I'm looking for a breeder in Italy or even in Europe that breeds his dog not only for conformation shows (although I'd like to get a good looking dog that reflects the breed's standard) but also for their temperament and willingness to work (and obviously for their general health). Here in Italy there are very few standard poodles' kennels and the main ones are Saxon Kennel and Samarcanda: do any of you know any of them? Could you please give me some advice about where to find the right kennel here in Europe?
Thank you so much! 馃檹馃檹馃檹


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I am not in Europe so I can't help you with specifics on breeders, but I do show both of my poodles in obedience and rally. Neither of them came from breeders who specifically breed for performance sports. As you mentioned you need a dog with a good working temperament that is well built. All breeders should be aiming for those outcomes. I would tell any breeder that you are considering what you want to do with your dog. They should all be happy to hear that. It enhances their word of mouth reputation to have people putting titles on their dogs. When I was looking to add my second poodle I had his breeder in my sights. I sent her a rather detailed email and got a very quick reply that she was happy to be on my list and that she would be able to work with me to pick a good pup, and that she did.

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Like Lily above my minipoo doesn鈥檛 come from breeders who breed for performance sports. She comes from breeders who are successful in AKC conformation. We compete in formal obedience, rally, nose work, agility and earned all the AKC trick dog titles.

Do you have any dog sports organizations near you? Contact them and ask to speak to the trainers in obedience. They may know people in the sport who have standard poodles and may have suggestions for you. Contact your local Poodle Club. They may know who is competing in obedience.

I hope you find your poodle soon.

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Not sure if this will be helpful but I've run across some resources which you may already know of.

The FCI site has a lot of info:
The F茅d茅ration Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organisation. It includes 99 members and contract partners (one member per country) that each issue their own pedigrees and train their own judges.

F茅d茅ration Cynologique Internationale



And this resource which is currently Under Construction in parts

Planet Poodle

I also ran across an older thread from a member looking for some suggestions for European breeders. Arreau Standard Poodle, a Canadian PF member and breeder of beautiful standards, offered in that thread to give some input, so you might try a private inquiry to her to see if she has ideas that might be helpful.

Another possible resource:
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