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I'd be lost without this forum everyone is very helpful here. Knowledgeable and patient too! I've read most of the coat changes posts and I'm such a visual learner that I'm just not getting it. Della is a 9 month old silver spoo. Her back legs and hindquarters, muzzle and around her face and most of her top knot are soft and wavy. The hairs on her front legs and back are more separated, wiry and stiff. I'm sure her color changes aren't really helping me determine which bit is the adult coat. Her front legs are almost white as is the hair closest to the skin around her topknot. ears and muzzle. Am I describing anything very well? Can anyone post pictures of adult coat vs. puppy coat and where on the body it begins to change. Many thanks.

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My boys are mpoos but the change stages are probably similar. I honestly don't remember where it started with either of them, but I'll add a few photos of what I assume was the start of theirs.

Puppy fluff straightish from skin to tip

change in progress this is the tail end lol


to adult coat. He is not blessed with a great quality final coat.

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