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Where do you buy Service Dog vest/leash?

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I'm training Babykins as a mobility service dog.

I'm wondering what my options are for a vest and leash. She gets hot in the summer so I'm interested in something light weight/cooler.

What do you use for your service dogs?
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There are tons of options on amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Lucky has a very light one but we got it from our program. The ones they have for sale on the Internet are heavy.

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Thanks for the warning - I do prefer something lighter.
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I really like The Raspberry Field. raspberryfield.com.

They made Noelle's first cape. I also like Creative Clam on Etsy and on Amazon for service dog patches. Madison custom made a few patches for me, but you can get a poodle service dog patch right here.

Grab a Raspberry Field vest, and a couple poodle patches, and an in training patch. Do not have your dog's name anywhere on your vest. Otherwise, strangers will start calling your dog's name and drive you crazy.
That Raspberry Field cape looks nice and light. What size did you get for Noelle? Babykins weights about 16 pounds but she's narrow. They have toy size 8-17 pounds and small 18-25 pounds? They have one on Amazon that says Service Dog in Training.

I remember when you posted those poodle service dog patches - they are so cute - I'm hesitant about making anything too cute - and not business like.

I will not put her name on display - that is good advice.
Skylar what kind of leash do you want? For Javelin I use one that allows me to "wear" him by looping the leash over my shoulder. I like that leash because it gives me a lot of flexibility. It is sort of heavy though so I am not sure how much you would like it for your girl. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004GTKAJ...a185-ecc46ce489eb&ie=UTF8&qid=1529018319&sr=1

And Click is so right about not letting people know your dog's name. My students usually ask me Javvy's name at the first class meeting. I tell them that I don't want them to use his name and that I won't tell them what it is.
I love that concept - that leash can leave you hands free while you're still leashed together for control. I think it's too heavy both for her and for me. I can see that I should look at various options for a leash and not just accept the most common style. Or I might just continue to use what I currently use. Our current leash is leather and the handle is rolled leather so it's very comfortable and it's 5' long

BTW, you must drive some of your students crazy by not telling them Javvie's name. But it's a smart decision - you don't need one of them calling his name out and distracting him.
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Another good one is Patience and Love on both Etsy and their own website. Custom vests including mesh and custom patches.

Bold Lead Designs makes nice leads. My over the shoulder leads/hands free leads are braided paracord and are made by Bad Poodle Gear on Facebook.
Oh my, Patience and Love have a lot of "interesting sense of humor" SD harnesses and patches - unicorn? no dead dog stories? I finally found Bad Poodle Gear - are those leashes light weight?
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