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Where do you buy Service Dog vest/leash?

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I'm training Babykins as a mobility service dog.

I'm wondering what my options are for a vest and leash. She gets hot in the summer so I'm interested in something light weight/cooler.

What do you use for your service dogs?
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Skylar what kind of leash do you want? For Javelin I use one that allows me to "wear" him by looping the leash over my shoulder. I like that leash because it gives me a lot of flexibility. It is sort of heavy though so I am not sure how much you would like it for your girl. Amazon Six-way Multifunctional Leather Leash here and here.

And Click is so right about not letting people know your dog's name. My students usually ask me Javvy's name at the first class meeting. I tell them that I don't want them to use his name and that I won't tell them what it is.
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