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I am looking for colour pics as to different grooms. Ruby will have her first appt on the 31, but I have no idea what I want.
I have heard puppy cut but have no clue what that looks like, All I know for certain is I want her feet shaved but not her legs. She doesn't have much of a tail so not sure I want that bobble on the end, but maybe I do lol I also want her face shaved off so I can see her face and so she can see she has a whoel lotta hair on such a teeny face lol.....I have tried looking online to see pics, but they are mostly standards. She is a minature so its hard to picture how any cut would look on a mini.

so if you have any pics of your mini groomed, please show me and tell me what type of cut it is.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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