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Where can I find?

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I am looking for colour pics as to different grooms. Ruby will have her first appt on the 31, but I have no idea what I want.
I have heard puppy cut but have no clue what that looks like, All I know for certain is I want her feet shaved but not her legs. She doesn't have much of a tail so not sure I want that bobble on the end, but maybe I do lol I also want her face shaved off so I can see her face and so she can see she has a whoel lotta hair on such a teeny face lol.....I have tried looking online to see pics, but they are mostly standards. She is a minature so its hard to picture how any cut would look on a mini.

so if you have any pics of your mini groomed, please show me and tell me what type of cut it is.
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Please don't go to a groomer and ask for a puppy cut unless you mean a) just face, feet, and tail or b) wanting face, feet, and tail, and a little scissoring or shaping on the body.

It's a huge peeve of mine to have clients come and and proudly proclaim that they want a puppy cut or a summer cut or a teddy bear cut..... There is no such thing unless you are talking about maintaining a show coat. Those are just terms to describe basicly the same thing. A body that is cut to the same length all over. I had a sign posted for a while to the effect of I don't do "puppy cuts" because they don't exist.

A summer cut to some people is shaved to the skin all over, while to other people it is an inch all over on a dog they've kept really long over the winter. You get what I mean?

Do this instead, decide about how long you want to keep her hair, most groomers will agree to leave it an inch, which is fluffier than it sounds. The reason for this is that the longest gaurd comb most groomers use to clip with leaves the hair an inch long. I tell a lot of clients that it is the longest I can leave the coat if I cut it all over, which isn't strictly true but I don't offer hand scissors to most puppies if the owner doesn't quite know what they may want. Anyway back to the point, decide what length you think you can maintain, my favorite to do is a 2Guard on the body with blended in legs (a lamb clip), and what style you want - A miami, a lamb, same length all over.... or whatever else you come up with, and then ask your groomer for that plus clan face and feet, and whatever you want done with the tail.

As you're looking for photos keep in mind that the trims should look the same reguardless of what size poodle you're looking at. A miami will look like a miami on a toy, a mimi, or a standard so long as your groomer keeps everything in proportion to the dog. Maybe google poodle haircuts and see what you come up with or check out that website that I hope somebody will post a link to since I can't remember it. It doesn't have color photos but the drawing are accurate and you can get the names of different cuts to google for photos.
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