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They want something. Or they need something. And they are communicating as best they can.

I just wanted to put this out there in a bit of a rant. I've heard lots of people over the years (friends, family, classmates, etc.) talk about their dogs as though they are being willfully naughty or irritating....just because.

Dogs don't work that way.

Just now Peggy was being atrociously annoying. She was getting in my face, then disappearing down the hall to have "conversations" with herself in the mirror. She found a sock to toss at me. She got waaaaay too close to my breakfast.

Was she trying to drive me crazy?

Nope. She was hungry!

So I asked her to lay down while I made her a midday meal, which she very uncharacteristically inhaled. And she instantly mellowed.

Other times Peggy can be annoying:
  • When she has to poop.
  • When she has lost a toy somewhere inaccessible.
  • When she has excess energy to burn OR when she is overtired. Confusing, right?
But with time I'm starting to see the nuances in her behaviour. And just like I expect her to learn what I want from her, I owe it to her to put forth the same effort at understanding.

Then, if I wish, I can teach her some more efficient ways to ask for what she needs: A gift to both of us!

So the next time you hear someone complaining about their dog, help them dig in a little deeper. :)

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Thanks for this post! This is so important to realize, I definitely have found myself thinking "what is this crazy little guy up to?" only to realize that his landsharking meant "breakfast please" or "play with me".
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