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When you got it...FLAUNT IT!

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Priscilla all dressed up with no place to go!
Gotta love those new doggy shoes! :lol:

...She's going to wear this for Christmas...won't
my relatives geta kick outta that! :rofl:

She's very photogenic! :D


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You're right Mercymoon, Priscilla is very photogenic, alot like yor Maddie was. Is it that they are that photogenic or could it possibly be that you are just an excellent picture taker. I would guess some of both. Anyway, very sweet pictures of your new girl, and I'm sure she will be a hit with your family on Christmas.

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Thanks guys! :giggle:

IPP- LOL, yep they could really have a girl's night out together! Don't
forget your other girl's though, I've seen them all dressed up too in
their little outfits! :lol:

FUZBUTZ- Thanks, I was actually thinking the same thing, she really
is photogenic a lot like Maddie was! :)

WonderPup - I actually found them in Wal-mart for $9 and
had to get them! :tongue:
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