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Our GSD (Locky) was 10 yrs old when we got the standard (T) - both male but T was only 8 weeks old when we brought him home. Locky is extremely well behaved, sociable and really just an all round wonderful dog (my soul dog) :smile:

He has made having a pup so much easier cause he comes when called and the little one follows, doesn't make a fuss when the pup is eating so we don't have to seperate them at meal times, Locky is very tolerant of T's puppy behaviour and they play well together. I really think it depends on the dogs.

I was a little hesitant about getting a pup cause Locky is very dependant/needy and has seperation anxiety and I wondered if he would crack up completely having to share our affection, but in our case it has been the dead opposite. Locky is more sure of himself and seems happier within himself for having a companion.

If I thought in anyway my OH would agree I would get another standard tomorrow. Have my eye on a litter to be born mid December, expecting silvers, which I would love to have. I'm like you Curlydog - too many dogs, too little time! I don't know how people cope with the grooming if your not set up properly. I have a grooming area set up ready to go and can groom at anytime day or night, warm water hydrobath, dryer etc ... If I just had the bathtub like we did in the old house I would find it very difficult.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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