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We got Ruby Wednesday, she has been great as far as not messing in the house, the first night she peed in her kennel, Saturday she peed on the carpet. Wednesday and Thursday I took her out every 30 mins, she was peeing everytime, but only a small bit (probably b/c she was out every 30 mins lol). Friday I took her every hour, Saturday I slowed down a bit and just watched her, yesterday I slowed down even more and again just watched her. She will go to the door, but the door is in a different part of the house and until I get the x-ray vision skill I cannot see her through the walls. I keep her in whatever room I am in again blocking off the access to the door.

I have been taking her everytime she wakes up or after she has just eaten, she seems to defy the puppy rule though and doesn't poop just after a feed, usually 3 or 4 hrs after.

She will be 12 weeks old tomorrow:

How long should she be able to hold it?

Am I delaying the entire process not waiting for her to show cues and just taking her out?

I want to teach her to ring a bell to let me know but I have daycare kids and can serioulsy see me running to the door to let her out, only to find that some small person has rung it instead, this will end up being a game with the kids and lead tomore frustration for me lol.

Quincy (my crested) just gives me that stare, and he will continue to stare at you until you ask him "want out" at which time he will bounce around and you let him out. If I could get Ruby to give me that stare I would be happy with that. I didn't teach him that though he just started doing that on his own and i guess it works for him so why change it lol.

Ruby will never have free run of the house like Quincy does, for the simple fact that I am not sure she will leave the parrot alone. She hasn't noticed him at this point but its not something I want to chance, for her own safety, my grey has a big beak and he could some real damage to Ruby if he chose to. (no he isn't mean or viscious but he does like to be the boss and often makes Quincy move from the sunny window because he wants the sun too).

So any advice or tips yu can give me would be great, I don't remember when Quincy became realiable in house training, I just know that he will not mess in the house.

The other question is, Ruby will not go when she is on teh leash, she just won't. We walked and walked yesterday and she never went but as soon as I took the leash off in the yard she peed. Is there a way to teach her that even on the leash she can go?
I think with her its that she likes to play in the snow, which is fine since she does do her buisness as well, but if she is leashed she just won't go.

ETA: Should also say that she does go all night 9-6, without any mess in the crate, except that first night where she peed once.
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