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A good rule of thumb to dtermine how long a puppy can hold it is to take their age in months and add one, up to 6 or 8 I think. Doesn't work for overnight, since your dog is sleeping they can hold it longer then.

Anyway, you are right on track to keep her with you in whatever room you are in. Thats exactly as it should be until you can trust her. If you're not watching her then you can see her signals.

Which brings me to the question about her "telling you" she needs to go out. I think everyone has probably had a dog in the past that had some sort of obvious singal that they needed to potty such as going to the door, whinning, or barking, or whatever... The fact is though most dog DON'T do any of these or do something so subtle that you miss it. Jazz tends to get kind of restless but she doesn't whine or go to the door.

What I do is to keep my dogs on a bit of a schedual. The puppy is given the chance to go potty every hour or every other hour depending on what she has been doining. You can pretty well predict when a young puppy is likely to need to "go" so you wont have to look for something like going to the door. Puppies most often need to eliminate shortly after meals, after waking up from a nap, and after they have been playing. Keep on eye more on what your puppy is doing and you should be ok since you will know if she has just eaten or just had a nap. Other than that watch her specific body lingo. My momma calls it a busy nose when she see's a puppy sniffing around for a place to potty inside. She used to yell at me, "LEIA!!, Wonder's nose is busy, you better take her out!" LoL.

As for going on a leash, I had that problem, (and still have it to some extent) with Jazz. I adopted Jazz this past october and she was already 3 years old. Apparently she had never gone potty on a leash?? Anyway, it became a problem when my obedience class started back after the holidays. I was taking Jazz to work, and then going straight to the facility here I teach. I have a long line that I use for training, it's a 20 foot leash that is used to teaching come when called. I took Jazz's gentle leader off and clipped that leash to her collar. I guess she liked being far away when she pottied? It worked the very first time I tried it. Over the last 6 weeks or so I've been using it at the dog park, and before obedience class and I get closer each time we go. Last week I forgot my gear bag and so didn't have my long line. I tried Jazz on her regular 4 foot leash and she pee'd :) LoL, I was so excited, guess it doesn't take much LoL. Anyway I will add that so far she will not poo on lead, she holds it till we get home or until she is offlead at the park. I haven't figured that one out yet.
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