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We stick to a schedule with our girls - up in the morning, out for a pee - 10.00am 15 minute road walk to poo and pee - lunch time, the garden - 4.00pm up the meadows for free play and the usuall toileting - 8.00pm garden, 11.30pm garden. When Inca was a puppy and also when we first got Coco (she was already 3) we watched them carefully and if they were playing, eating or sleeping, we relaxed, when they woke up or started sniffing around or wandering round the rooms, then they went outside. In the main, this regime worked but there are always accidents. Before Coco was spayed, for a week before her season, she was dirty in her bed and around the house but the vet put this down to a touch of colitis (which has never reoccurred since she has been spayed and doesn't have seasons).
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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