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What's the height and weight of your poodle?

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After reading some posts on this forum, it seems poodles can vary quite a lot in their height and weight. The official standards for poodle types are determined by height. Toy Poodles are up to 10 inches tall, Miniature Poodle are above 10 inches but below 15 inches tall, and Standard Poodle stands 15 inches and taller. Although there is no official conformation standard for weight, I am curious how much do people's poodles weigh relative to their height? I think it would be cool to see everyone's data. Below are Pavie's measurements:

Name: Pavie
Height: 17"
Weight: 20 lbs
Age: 2 years
Type: goldendoodle (probably has toy and mini ancestry)
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Those are for being shown there can be oversized and undersized in each variety

That said my toy boy Leonard is 11" and square and 6 pounds and toy Pia is 10 1/2" and 13" long and 8 1/2 pounds.

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The English and FCI standards are slightly different in regards to size, and FCI has a fourth size, called medium (moyen).

As best I can tell, Simon is 24" at ten and a half months, and he weighed 44.5 pounds yesterday afternoon. According to his breeder, his sire is 25" tall and weighs 52 pounds, and his dam is 27" tall and weighs 60 pounds.
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Name : Sandy
Breed: Miniature Poodle though technically Standard size by going by height. Mini bloodlines
Height: 16 Inches
Age: 10yrs in a few weeks
Weight : last time I checked was 20lbs she is probably up a lb or 2. Weight has been a problem since she was spayed. Unspayed she was perfect at 17-18lbs. I don’t the look of sausage dogs so I’m on top of it.

Name: Nova
Breed: Miniature Poodle (Sandy is her dam)
Age: 2 1/2
Height: 13.75
Weight : 10.5 lbs She needs to gain a lb but is very active and not big on meals. She is much more petite in bone than Sandy.

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Name: Zoe
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Age: 4
Height: 14 1/2
Weight: 11 lbs
This might indicate that she is thin, but she is rather fine-boned, so her weight is appropriate. She is very, very active.

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Merlin, toy, 12.5 inches and 6.0 lbs
Beckie, mini, 12.5 inches and 8.0 (usually, now she is 9.0 with winter and being less active)

Beckie has bigger bones, she is more solid. Merlin is delicate.

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Name: Beau
he is also a Mini x oversized toy (I call him a mini)
2yrs old
about 16.5 inches
and a slightly stocky 20lbs

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Thanks for sharing everybody! (I'll continue to add to the plot if there are more replies)

I also combined the information from previous posts on weight and height:

Here's the summary:
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Looks like we have a nice clear pattern between height and weight!
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Here's the code used to generate the plot:
import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv("height_weight.csv")
import plotly.express as px
fig = px.scatter(df, x="Height", y="Weight", color="Breed", text=list(df["Name"]))
fig.update_traces(textposition='top center')
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