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If she is slipping out on walks then i would use a martingale collar. They are very safe, and great for walking! You could leave it on all the time if you want. I only really use a harness when hiking sometimes to help him up and over things (except for tracking where he has a harness). I have seen dogs slip out behind harnesses, so a Properly fitted martingale (where the small loop wont close all the way when pulled tight) is safest.

I am a collar addict, so i have almost every kind out there. The only time i really use a buckel collar is his nice strong leather one for park walking. I have many nice nylon buckles for everyday or dog park (i prefer the clip so if he got caught on somethingi can just unclip it). I have a leather slip collar for around the house too that i really like. When he was younger we had the pinch for training, and i will still pull it out sometimes.

Really you can pick whatever collar is to your taste and is safe for the dog.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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