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What should I ask?

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So in the ongoing search for a poodle, I have applied for a rescue poodle through Petfinder and got through to the first stage which consists of a 30 to 40 minute telephone interview. During that time I of course get to be grilled by the rescue people, but I also get to ask questions about the dog etc. If I get through that, they call my 4 references (!), then do a home check, then I have to get approved by a committee, then if all that goes well I actually get to meet the dog. :)

Here's the dog I applied for:


Can anyone think of anything I should specifically be asking about? I've never gone through this process before and am only coming up with a few questions.

- I want to ask about the children thing (it says unknown for how she is around children, so I want to know more about that - I don't have any but there is a possibility that I might want to have them/ friends will have them, so I can't have a dog with big issues)
- I want to know how her vet check went.
- I'd like to see a full body shot if possible just to make sure her structure isn't horrific. I realize a puppy mill dog won't be the best example of a poodle, but I'd be hesitant to take on a dog with a big roach back or other structural issues that might cause problems down the line.

And that's kind of all I can think of right now. Idea?
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I grilled the heck out of our rescue people, poor things:
Where is she from and why was she given up? She might not be a mill pup. :)
Does she have any known health problems?
Is she potty trained?
How are her teeth?
When was she spayed? (If she is spayed yet).
Does she bark a lot?
Is she crate trained?
What is she eating and what is her appetite like?
Does she play with toys?
What was her behavior like when groomed (if she's been groomed).
Is she being fostered?
Can you speak to the foster owner?
What is she like with other dogs and kids?
Do they offer a vet check before commiting?
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Wow, what a process.
They're all different I guess.

For Flip we had to fill out an application, talk to someone on the phone, and then set up a home visit...which 'could take up to two hours'. Fortunately the girl who came for the home visit was actually one of patient's owners. So it was fast and easy. Then she told me Flip was two hours away...hehe. THEN the foster owner called and we talked...and I asked the big list of questions. We made the appoinment to drive two hours and meet him. After that we were sure we were getting him, but wanted to wait a few days and get set up first, so we drove another 4 hours that weekend. LOL
Adoption is a looooong ordeal sometimes, but worth it! :)

I hope yours goes smoothly.
Fingers crossed! Keep us posted. :)
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