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What poodle *things* do you have???

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I know a number of you (us) got poodle *things* for Christmas, but what else do you have about the place? Take some photos and share!!

My collection is only small so far, cos of course I've only had Paris for a little over a year. (In comparison, my 'rat things' collection is massive! lol! But I've kept rats for much longer....)

At the back/left is a pair of coat hooks that hubby got me that I haven't found the right spot for yet:

Left front is salt & pepper shakers, which I actually have two sets of, so one stays nice in it's box, and yes, we do use the other set!

Centre is my beswick china poodle that my boss bought for me in a silent auction (for a charity show) last year. She told me there was a person bidding against her, but she kept outbidding them and she told them she didn't care how high they went against her, cos it was for a good cause and I (me) was worth it!! I love my boss!
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Centre middle is a cookie cutter that my mum found me:

The coffee mug was what my dad got me just this Christmas, and I adore it!!

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And finally on the far right, is Frog, a wee 'hotel for dogs' McDonalds toy that hubby got me just before we got married, and she came with us on our honeymoon! We have a whole series of photos of Frog on various monuments and lookouts throughout our honeymoon, and she was in as many photos as possible. heh

The ribbon around her neck is a wee bit of ribbon left over from making my flowers that I put on her when my hair was being done on the morning of our wedding too. Such a silly wee thing, but so many fond memories that I'll always cherish little "Frog" (We had no reasoning behind naming her Frog either, except that she wasn't.... We're like that.)

(on my knee)


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lmao fluffyspoos, I can see my post right there on the computer screen in your pic too!!!

I also have a dog calender from last year that has a couple of months with poodles in it, but that's at work. I also have a couple of books, generic 'you and your poodle' or whatever, but cute anyway. lol!!! Plus of course Shirlee Kalstones book for grooming them....
Ohh, I forgot this too:

it's a scarf I found online, just a long narrow strip of fabric, but it was sooo perfect for my Paris poodle!! lol
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Oh I do love her work!! I like her big grooming cabinet she did too, with lots of breeds. Oh, and the grooming table-top with the poodles.... and and and, I love all her stuff! hehehe.
Oh, I remembered another poodle thing I have, at work. There was two of them (the same) that Sue gave me for Christmas one year (before I had Paris), but of course the card on them was labelled as "from Paris".

And then today we were in town browsing about the mall (ok, hubby was in a computer games shop across the hall while I was in a nice gift shop! haha) and I spotted a group of poodle soft toys, some black some white. Awwww. Hubby came up behind me, bought it, and said "Happy Valentines"

and then I looked at the tag...

"Paris the poodle"!!! haha! I LOVE it!
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cool! But can you resize your pics, or just have them as attachments rather than inbed them as huge pics, cos they throw off the table for the rest of the screen, and scrolling sideways to read a single sentence sucks! haha!
ooo, I love the quilt! You will have to post when you do finish it!

This is the quilt my mum made for me and hubby's 1st anniversary (next week!) but no poodles, but there are dogs and other critters... (and purple. Can you tell I love purple too!? haha!)

Mum didn't quite know what to put in the very center, so she didn't put anything. Yes, it is a hole. lol!! The writing around the circle is an anagram mum designed for us; "Amy & Adrian" (it can be read all around from any angle without turning your head....)

ok, back to poodle stuff again. :p
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hehe, my newest acquisition...
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