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What poodle *things* do you have???

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I know a number of you (us) got poodle *things* for Christmas, but what else do you have about the place? Take some photos and share!!

My collection is only small so far, cos of course I've only had Paris for a little over a year. (In comparison, my 'rat things' collection is massive! lol! But I've kept rats for much longer....)

At the back/left is a pair of coat hooks that hubby got me that I haven't found the right spot for yet:

Left front is salt & pepper shakers, which I actually have two sets of, so one stays nice in it's box, and yes, we do use the other set!

Centre is my beswick china poodle that my boss bought for me in a silent auction (for a charity show) last year. She told me there was a person bidding against her, but she kept outbidding them and she told them she didn't care how high they went against her, cos it was for a good cause and I (me) was worth it!! I love my boss!
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Love the photos of New Zeakand! Sigh, SO makes me want to go back. I'm not usually a repeat visitor of places because I always figure there's new places to see, but NZ is definitely somewhere I could see myself returning to. Such a wonderful place!

Anyway, on topic, considering I don't actually have a poodle yet, I do have a couple of poodle things. The salt and pepper shakers I received that are the same as Locket's and Poodles for Dummies. I'm sure this will grow moving forward as I have found people like to give themed items. :)
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