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Evidently finches. Those little birds that they sell at the pet shop. Cracked me up! We went to Petsmart for some socialization and nothing else bothered her, not that she generally gets scared or anything, but when we walket by the birds she stopped to look at them and one flew off its perch and she ran behind me and laid down. Her look was "Please, PLEASE! don't let that thing get me. It was hysterical.

We walked around a bit and then made our purchases and then walked around the retail store area. She was a hit. Of course a few people asked what she was, one teenage boy even stopped in his big truck to ask me what kind of dog she was. A few people asked to pet her and she enjoyed it, I put her in a sit before I let them put out their hand for her to smell and then pet her.

One thing that struck me was two employees of Petsmart asked if she was a Portuguese Water Dog. I guess with the President's dog being one people are itching to see one and since she is multi-colored and not something they are used to seeing they are hoping she is one. Of course I got the "Oh, she's really big for a poodle"

Great day out for us. Her calm reaction to strangers and strange sounds reinforces my thoughts that she might make a good therapy dog, well unless we are going to a hospital for finches:)
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