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What is poodle temperament like to you?

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I thought about this today. I think that everyone is going to have their interpretation of what the temperament of a poodle should be so if you are a breeder and you are breeding a litter of puppies, you will look for specific traits in temperament and breed for those. Also if you are buying a puppy you are going to look for a breeder that has that same idea of ideal temperament. Not everyone is going to have same idea so there will be a generalized "poodle temperament" standard but variations within the breed due to interpretation.

I'm asking this question because while Harry is a sweet intelligent dog, his temperament isn't what I personally think of when I think of standard poodles. Maybe it's just me but I got to thinking that his breeder has her idea of poodle temperament and they probably aren't the same as mine. I think she leans in the direction of a more sporty type dog whereas I tend to lean in the more companion type. Harry fits the definition of sporting breed. He also has a bit of a stubborn streak and isn't always the easiest dog to train. He would have made a hunter a fabulous companion. Unfortunately we don't hunt so he's stuck with us. He can always hunt mice in the backyard I guess.:biggrin1: