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What is important in a grooming table?

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It seems like you have to buy on-line these days - only one grooming store is near me to check out a couple of brands. I've been grooming my own poodles for 6 years, so I know I want a small table, but wish I could find a nice used one. I think I am looking for a 24" round, 360 degree spinning top (wheee, can you see it? ha ha), electric would be awesome for the flexibility in height for sitting or standing (me that is). Noteworthy... husband will have sticker shock though. Space saving is important to me, but then I wonder if I should just get a plain adjustable table & rolling chair I can store in the closet when finished. I have three mini poos now - so convenience & time savings is important as I want to continue to enjoy every moment with my boyz. Any advice out there? Brand recommendations? Store recommendations to check out? Thx!!