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What do you think of my new You Tube Channel?

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Owwww. I've got my own You Tude Channel "Doodle Superstar." (Doodle The Poodle was taken by an imposter.) What do you think of my first two videos?
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Sorry about that

Sorry to those who couldn't see the video. I should have included http:// at the beginning of the You Tube link. What was I thinking? Owww!

By the way, I'm a female, pedigree miniature poodle. I like puppy cuts and my "stylist" likes this cut as my summer look.

The guy who feeds me owns a website www.HDCameraGuide.com and knows a lot about making videos...only these were just for fun. He tells me there may be more, but I'm holding out for more chicken.

Anyone know a good agent?
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