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Wet Poodle!

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We got showers all day yesterday, and the results were a very wet, curly poodle. lol.

She looks so pitiful and depressed. :( The raw chicken quarters cheered her right up though.


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Ohh shes so cute. It been raining here for about 5 days :/
Poor girl...They are just like us and get depressed when it rains forever. It has been raining for days her too and now we have high winds and rain mixed with sleet! Really nasty. Everyone is just sleeping around the living room.

Good food is always a nice pick-me-up!
Poor baby...That's how it's been at my house.
Awwwwww Poor girl! That's okay, many of us are having bad hair days in this weather!!!
Poor girl. She looks so sad. That is exactly what Lacey looked like after we played in the snow this afternoon. She came home and snuggled up in her warm bed :)
Yeah rain and mud everywhere here too. Jasper's bath and blow dry two days ago is a distant memory :(.
I love the close up of her face, that is a pretty neat angle. I'd tell you the temp up here, but that would be mean...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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