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Our young Weston did us proud over the weekend. He picked up a point at each of six shows and is now at the dreaded nine (which my handler calls 8 1/2 to take the hex off of it). He was poised (for the most part) and behaved (for the most part) and looked fantastic! He even made it to the news! I LOVE our handler, Jenn Carr Watson and her assistant Tessa Vildaer! They have done a remarkable job with this boy, and he loves them, and it shows!

One of the members here, Salukie, bought Weston as a pet. As he developed, I asked her about co-owning him with me and letting him be a part of our breeding program, and thankfully she agreed to take this journey with me. I am so grateful for her dedication and her eagerness to do things the right way, and believe we make a great team! We have known one another for many years because of this Forum. Amazing that years later our acquaintance here has now become a lovely partnership! Thank you PF!



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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