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were buying a poodle

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hi all,

after months of going back and fourth we have settled on a mini poodle. We will be buying him tomorrow and then we will keep him with the breeder until we get back from vacation.

My kids already named him Murphy....lol.

We are all so excited to our new addition to our family and the breeder seemed really nice on the phone.

anyway, just wanted to introduce myself as I'm sure I will have tons of questions around training this little guy.:elefant:
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Welcome to the forum. :)
We love, love, love pictures of the fur babies. Do you have any to share???
we are going to see the puppy tomorrow.

However, not sure If I jumped, i just found out the puppy was born on May 1.

this was the picture that I saw and I guess I just didnt put two and two together. Its clear this picture is not of a 3mo old puppy.

My kids have already seen the 'baby' pic. and are so excited. What does a 3mo old puppy look like?...:dong:

are they going to be disappointed?

IM worried its not going to have a baby face. Do they?


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:welcome: to the forum. How exciting to have a new baby in the family!!

At three months it will not have a baby face anymore but neither will it have an adult face. It will still look like a very young dog. I hope that you will not be disappointed. I just love the name that the children chose for their new friend.

This is my Billy at approximately three months but I believe just a little older than that. However, he is not a mini. He is a standard. He still has somewhat of a baby look to him.

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Welcome to the forum. You are going to have a great time with your little guy. One nice thing about being a little older is that he will be easier to potty train.
billy is sure a cutie. cant wait to see our little murphy.
:welcome: to you and Murphy. I'm quite partial to the name as that's the name of my female spoo :wink: He will be very cute, but will look a bit more grown up than that puppy pick. I'm sure he'll still be irresistable, though.
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