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Well we have a winner!

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Handler came after her friend went over them. From the get go the friend (she's an standard owner/handler) liked the white boy and this other white girl. Pro handler says he loves this boy right here and he's taking other white girl that I thought was pet quality. Boy I have a lot to learn.:doh:

So this is my show boy. I'm naming him Jasper. I picked this boy as pick of the litter when I met the litter but since I wasn't looking at white dogs I didn't focus much attention on him. Handler liked all the boys but this boy was very well rounded and moved the best. I'm really happy with the choice! Click the picture to make it bigger.

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Do you have anybody that will help you with advices and show you how to do those things ? I can imagine apprehension ! Especially with a breed where coat
is such important part of showing. I hope you will find a good mentor - maybe your handler friend and groomer would be glad to help you every step of the way . Do not worry that he is white - it is basically same grooming as black ! You will maybe need some different products that enhance white coat, but same amount of care goes for black ones.

You will do great - try to have fun - it is all about that after all : )). It should be fun for you and your pup : ))) ! You will make some mistakes , but that is normal and nothing is unfixable : ). If you mess-up the puppy coat - you can wait a few months and show him in adult coat : )) - no biggie :) But, I am sure that you will do just fine !!! : ))
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