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Well that was embarrassing

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Didn’t realize I had to post my intro before I could ask questions :ahhhhh:

Hello Everyone,

First time caller, long time listener. My name is Pedro, I’m from Chicago and I have a beautiful miniature male poodle named Obi. Obi is my second poodle, my first ever poodle and first best friend passed away last year in December, he was 14. After he passed, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get another dog, his passing was really painful for me and my family. However, in the end I realize that all the pain is nothing compare to the years of love a dog offers you. Hence, how Obi came into my life.

I got my first poodle when I was 17 and to be honestly, didn’t really care to learn much about poodles. But now I’m older and a bit wiser and want to learn all I can which is how I found this amazing forum.

Hope to see you all soon in the forum, I have so many questions.
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