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Well, I have some news.

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I have been holding out waiting for the right time to say that I have a new puppy in my family.:) She's a beautiful black standard poodle and is adjusting to life with us well. She's been with us a week now. Harry loves her and they crack me up all the time. When he gets frustrated with baby teeth he makes this whine sound and I always laugh. She has absolutely no submission issues like the last puppy I had. She goes right after Harry and they can play forever.

If you want to know about the breeder and all that please PM me and I'll be more than happy to answer those questions.

Here she is, this is Mia at 11 weeks.:)
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Cuuuuuttteee! Congratulations KPoos, I'm very jealous but happy for you at the same time. Yay for holiday fun with a new puppy!
You captured my sentiments, exactly... and what do I have to be jealous about - I just got my new puppy less than 2 months ago (but they're like potato chips and I keep craving MORE!!!) :) She is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E KPoos!!! Congratuations and keep us entertained with PICTURES, please!! :)
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