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:::Weekend photos of the Pups::: <3

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Check these out;


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Ahh, they are adorable!!:cute: Makes me want a white soooo bad!
A couple of cutie pies!! Did they get a day out in the car?
Which one is the spoo? Black or white? They are both so so cute.
Looks like lots of R&R on the weekend....lol! I love the shot in the car. :) :)
haha- I always wonder if they're bored out of their mind and that's why they're laying around, or if its that they are just relaxed and saving up their energy for when we go on the next fun adventure!

Ocsi (black) is 15 lbs 11inches tall
Fallie (white is now 33 lbs! when we rescued her she was 24lbs) 16inches tall

both very fluffy! I gave them hair cuts last weekend and should post them I guess!?! :)
They are so cute! You seem to have an exceptionally comfortable floor.:)
Very cute poos! From the looks of these photos, I would love spending weekends at your house, too!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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