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Wee Rory of Oklahoma Ciity

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This is Rory with his new Poodle sister Andi. They are as thick as thieves and love each other a lot. He was the lightest puppy in the litter and has begun to darken now. In six months none of us will even recognize him he will be so dark.


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Rory is too cute! I love the 2nd picture.
Two dogs are so much easier than one. I am
trying to convince my Husband of that! lol
They have three Spoos. Their oldest one Desi is who they call the librarian. When Rory and Andi start playing, she comes out of nowhere, and begins barking at them, giving them heck and trying to shush them up.

I agree, two are better than one. They are pack animals and enjoy the company of other canines very much.

Yes, Oklahoma City. We are planning and hoping for a big Poodle reunion there in Spring 2010 or 2011. I have a couple of Facebook friends from there and my puppy people, and they have all become freinds because of my pups. So, hopefully one day in the not too distant future, I will get to see it. I have heard wonderful things about it.
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