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Were it me I would probably lean towards not adding that second dog until I had worked through Shadows current social skills issues. Adding a second dog will most certainly change some of his behavior but shouldn't alter his personality. Sometimes the changes are good, but sometimes they aren't so good. Doggy day camp may not be the best place to boost his socialization, but it's a start. I would really look into finding a trainer in your area who can work with you privately and give you better ideas to help him get on with new people, places, and other dogs. Honestly, and I can't see the problem in person so please take with a grain of salt, I would avoid a day care or dog park situation based on the limited discription of what you've said his issues are. Thats why I would have somebody come in privately and see if you can work on remidial socialization. Thrusting them into the deep in at a day camp or park *might* make the problem worse.

I recall another memeber here quite a while back who brought a new puppy into her home and found out the hard way that she probably should have done some training first. I don't know what ended up happening as she isn't here anymore, hopefuly it all worked out.

Of course, poodles are hard to resist LoL, I couldn't have just one and even after promising my hubby no more animals at all ended up getting three guine pigs AND another poodle LoL.... I'm not so good at resisting sometimes.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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